Restaurant & Bar

CasaBlanca hotel has its own restaurant and bar. We are offering international cuisine for you: European, Mediterranean, Russian and Indian dishes. Our crew can cook for you: English breakfast or fried eggs with tomatoes Russian style; guacamole, salsa and fajito Mexican style, spaghetti Bolognese and Crutto de mare from Italy; steaks and burgers in the best way from USA; best dishes from Indian cuisine: chicken boneless peaces with karri gravy, homemade cheese panner with masala and classical Dal; besides: Russian soups borsch, solyanka, cutlets and salads.
We are happy to suggest you big list of fresh seafood, which were caught several hours ago by fishermen nets from the Arabian sea. We can cook it as you prefer – steam with or without salt or roast it spices and chilly. Every evening we open Tandoori (clay oven), where are baked on coals fresh naans (flat), fish, lobsters etc.

In our menu you will find special offers for our young guests and we always keep ready ice-cream to be served. For true experts of gods’ drink we are offering different wines. Any visitor can find a drink or a cocktail for itself.
We can arrange a banquet or help you to celebrate your holiday.
We are glad to see you in CasaBlanca. We are sure that every year it’s gonna be more comfortable, tasty and merrily.

We are open for you. Welcome!