India is charming, enchanting and like a magnet as the fairy-tale’ entrance for other worlds. Once you know it you are fulfilled with calm and becoming a captive of eastern atmosphere, ancient traditions, bright colours and aromas. In this country is not like anywhere else, it leaves with it’s own rules, still full of magic, music and endless energy of life. You cannot be ready to India as you cannot be ready for your first love. India amazes all your five types of perception. Colours are mixing with scents and completes with sounds. You can feel the dust of ages on your hands and your soul is trying to reach the point where the Universe was started. five thousand years of history which are sounded in matras and vedas are still vivid in people’s eyes, in unhurried way of walking of Indian women dressed in multicoloured sarees, who are carrying huge baskets with fruits on their heads. This country was discovered before you did and many others will come after, but you have to do it only by yourself.


Goa – is the smallest state in India, not really looks like the rest of the country. It was the first place where Portuguese ships came searching for spices and treasure. And still you can travel to the past to the great world discovery with it’s high tiled roofs of Portuguese houses, with it’s patterned window sashes, with it’s snow-whites fronts of catholic cathedrals and with it’s ruins of ancient forts. Today Goa is becoming one of the famous world resorts. Its coast line is spread up to 100 km, making 40 beautiful beaches of Arabian sea. And every has different restaurants and hotel for any taste and budget.

Morjim beach

Morjim beach – its a 3km sand coast with airy shacks (beach restaurants) made of palm leafs, tender sea, gentle wind and hot sun together. Morjim – is the perfect place for any type of vacations. You can spend your days at leisure on sun-beds drinking chilled cocktails or you can take a walk on soft white sand, practice yoga, meeting sunrises and sunsets. There are perfect conditions for kiting and kayaking.
CasaBlanca hotel is situated 200m from the coast. It means that its only 2min of walking to the beach.